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Technical Diving in Montreal

What is technical diving? It`s about pushing past the limits of recreational scuba diving, using specialised equipment with additional training.

It means exploring deeper, for longer, using multiple gas blends and visiting seldom seen underwater sights.

It also means increased risk which can be managed with the right training, mindset and equipment.

Technical diving is not for everyone, but it is an area of scuba diving that Action Scuba is leading the way in, especially in and around Montreal.

We carry an extensive line of technical diving equipment and offer custom blends for nitrox and trimix in addition to oxygen and air fills. We also sell and support rebreathers, including training and fills, for truly extended, no bubble diving.

We offer customised and tailored technical diving courses, and work with some of the top names in the technical diving field to stay at the forefront of the sport.

If you`re looking to learn technical diving, or already a tech diver looking for buddies and gear, Action Scuba is your place in Montreal.

Talk to us about technical diving today.